About us

The fortress is owned by the Foundation Siknas Fortress and the activities and events are carried through by the non-profit Association Siknas Fortress.

The Foundation Siknas Fortress
The aim of the foundation is to preserve and maintain the Siknas fortress and answer for its historical and cultural values. The foundation will enlarge the knowledge and research about the Siknas fortress and its historical and strategical importance. As an important cultural and historical part of the society the Siknas fortress must be kept open to the public. The foundation will as far as supplies admit, work for that more parts of the Kalix line are preserved to the future.
Board: Per Axelsson Lidingö, Conny Källén Lidingö, Ritva Lind Kalix, Christian Braunstein Stockholm, Christer Sefbom Härnösand och Peter Wetterberg Domsten.

The Association Siknas Fortress
The Association Siknas Fortress is working to carry out the the aims that the Foundation has established in order to preserve the historical value of the Siknas Fortress. This is mostly done through museum activities for the public. Beside this the Siknas Fortress offers interesting events both inside the fortress and outside it together with our partners.
Board: Kicki Sefbom Härnösand, Conny Källén Lidingö, Ritva Lind Kalix, Anders Enström Kalix och Christian Braunstein Stockholm.

By making the former secret and invisible open and visible, we can increase Your knowledge, understanding and consciousness about the importance of history for the development of our  society today.
You are welcome to participate in this work by joining the association. Contact us by telephone or mail for more information.

Our partners
Swedish Military Heritage, SMHA
The Cooperation council of the Museums of Working life
Heart of Lapland
The Kalix line Museum
Rödberg fortress
The Military museum in Boden
Victoria fortress