Moose hunting in the Kalix-Töre area
The Moose hunting period is an important part of the Norrbottens culture. Every year 11 000 – 12 000 Moses are brought down in the county. The Siknas fortress together with our partners offer September hunting in the Kalix/Töre area together with staying inside the fortress;
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Famous Kalix vendace caviar

Squeeze Your own Kalix caviar
Meet the fisherman when he land his catch of Vendace. Together with an instructor You will be taught the whole process from the boat to the table. You will also squeeze Your own world famous Kalix caviar and make a caviar toast for your dinner. This is combined with a sightseeing tour when You will double the most northern point of the Baltic sea whereupon you will be presented with a certificate. Of course you will sleep inside the fortress;
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Fotograf – Rikard Lundström

The most northern point of the Gulf of Bothnia
Töre harbour had a big ship yard in the 17th century with more than 50 workers. Every launching was a great event. At the feast food and drink were offered together with dance and various tests of strength. Today You can visit the memorial stone and at the same time double the buoy at the most northern point and get a certificate as a memory of Your visit. We will help You.





Photo Eva

A full day or half a day – the area has something for everybody
The Töre- Siknäs area has many interesting places and small firms which You must visit. For example You can plan Your trip and which places to visit as Eva’s Ateljé in Siknäs, Törebruk history in Hyttgården, the stone age settlement in Fattenbo or goat cheese production in Bondersbyn.
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