Kalix famous vendace caviar

Squeeze Your own famous Kalix vendace caviar

We organize trips with a special theme about the famous Kalix Vendace caviar. We arrange the trip according to Your wishes based on the activities and the number of days. Please ask for an prize.

  • Vendace caviar
  • Vendace (Coregonus albula)
  • Fishing boat
  • Fotograf - Rikard Lundström
Number of persons: At least a group of 4 persons
Time: From 20 September until the end of October
Days: Daily Sunday to Thursday
Travels: You book Your trip to Luleå airport (SAS or Norwegian) where You
will be picked up by us or You rent a car
Lodging: Inside the Siknas fortress
Contact: Conny Källén +46 70 665 27 31

Trip example

Day 1: After meeting at the airport and lunch in Luleå we go to the Siknas fortress where a
guided tour and coffee with Danish pastry are waiting for us. In the evening dinner at a local restaurant, Over night in the fortress.
Day 2:  After breakfast in the fortress we go up to the Kalix line museum where You ca try
driving different older military vehicles from the time of the Cold War, among others a Soviet tracked armoured car. We continue our trip to Tore and the most northern point of the Baltic sea where You will get a certificate as a memory of Your visit.
Later in the afternoon the fishermen will return with their draught and You will be able to join them in the work of squeezing out the roe together with a guide who also tell You about the unique Kalix whitefish roe, the first Swedish food which geographical origin has been protected by EU.
In the evening we will prepare our own toasts with vendace caviar in the fortress and enjoy a wonderful meal. You will also be able to by the roe to ”fishermen price”.
 Day 3:  After breakfast we will return to the airport